Chairman's address

For over half a century, Nam Kwong has gone through a brilliant course of development. Thanks to the painstaking efforts, initiative spirit and determined strive of generations of its people, the Group has withstood all hardships and evolved into a strong corporation. It has successfully accomplished all its missions mandated by the State in various historical periods, made its due contributions to promoting China’s trade and economic cooperation with other countries, to the development of the economic and trade relations between the Mainland of China and Macao, and to promoting Macaos economic prosperity and social stability, and has won a good reputation.

The handover of Macao has brought new opportunities and challenges to Nam Kwong. With the strong support from the central and Macao SAR governments and all walks of the society, the Group carries forward the business philosophy of best service, lowest cost and firmly establishes the core value of striving for development, keeping good faith and competing in performance. By strengthening the study and practice of the scientific outlook of development, boldly expanding business, promoting a modern enterprise system and advocating good corporate culture, we have made new breakthroughs in all work and achieved record-making performance in main profit indicators in recent years.

The 21st century is the century of hope and challenge, of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and of a new undertaking, new glory and sustainable development for Nam Kwong Group. Looking ahead, the Group will inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the older generations of Nam Kwong people, unite and lead its staff members to extend from Macao and speed up the expansion of market in the Mainland and overseas and to make more achievements in reform and development. Meanwhile, as a central enterprise, the Group will always adhere to its objective to return the society with the best, conscientiously fulfill its social responsibility and enhance cooperation and friendship with our friends from all walks of the society to work together with them for a brilliant future.

Fu Jianguo